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Our inspectors mobilize to every project with an extensive range of robotic imaging systems that ensures we deliver high definition results for the inspection you planned and any emergent work while we’re on site.


We have the latest battery powered Videoprobes for use in remote locations short of power, or 110v systems for continuous uninterrupted inspection:

  • Diameters starting at 3.7mm
  • Lengths up to 30m
  • 3d Measurement Capabilities
  • Multiple close focus and side viewing tips
  • USB HDV capture for instantly presentable results

These versatile cameras are perfect for inspections of turbines, headers, heat-exchangers, pipework, compressors, valves and gear boxes.

Mini Pan and Tilt Cameras

We have the smallest remote focusing pan & tilt cameras in the UK. These partnered with our fully customizable centering devices give us the ability to provide unrivalled inspections.

  • Diameters starting at 45mm
  • Depth rating down to 30m
  • Lengths up to 100m
  • Battery or 110v
  • USB HDV capture for instantly presentable results

These cameras are ideal for inspections of pipework, headers, FOSAR and caissons.

Tank and Vessel Cameras

Our cameras offer a safe alternative to man entries for inspection of large plant and machinery. Our heads come in 3 different diameters and can be attached to various centering devices making them ideal for a wide range of inspections.

  • Diameters from 3-6 inches
  • Lengths up to 100m
  • High powered lighting
  • 36x optical zoom & 12x digital
  • 360 degree pan & tilt

Easily and safely inspect storage tanks, glass lined vessels, refractory lining and steam drums without costly access of confined space procedures.

Crawler Systems

Our Crawlers are mounted with the latest High Definition pan & tilt cameras and are capable of travelling along vast lengths of pipework, around multiple bends of small or large diameter.

  • Smallest access 50mm
  • Max inspection length 300m
  • High powered lighting
  • HD images and Video

These systems are great for inspections of pipework,  headers and drains. As well as inspection these systems are great for long-rage retrieval and can be fitted with magnets, grabs, hooks & nets.


We have a wide range of ROV’s that perform a multiple of HD inspections underwater. This provides our customers with a safe and more cost affective alternative to using dive teams or draining your plant for confined space entry.

  • Inspections performed through access as small as 8″
  • High powered lighting
  • HD images and Video
  • UT probe attachments
  • Underwater Retrieval tools
  • Competent inspectors

As well as visual inspection our ROV’s can utilize UT probe attachments to help with the inspection of storage tanks. Also our submarines have the latest retrieval tooling to easily grab any debris that might make its way in. We have used our ROV’s to successfully inspect storage tanks, underground reservoirs, locks and caisson’s.